Fight other Wizard Cats in a variety of game modes and create the ultimate Wizard Cat!
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Which Kind Of Wizard Cat Are You?

Choose from 7 wizard classes that wield unique schools of magic. Each class has a unique buff applied when projectiles hit allies and a debuff applied when projectiles hit enemies. Additionally, each class has different hitpoints, defense, raw damage, and movement speeds!


Fire. Damage.

High damage. Balanced build. The Pyro-Prancer is a Fire Elementalist with the ability to ignite enemies on fire and boost allies' damage!


Missiles light enemies on fire, doing damage over time

Damage Boost

When missiles hit allies they boost their damage for a short time

Does extra damage to Furricanes

Takes additional damage from Hydro-Dancers


Air. Damage.

High damage. Fast feet. Low health. The Furricane is an Air Elementalist that does the highest raw damage of any of the wizard classes. They are a glass cannon able to quickly traverse the battlefield, boosting ally movement speeds and stunning enemies along the way!


Missiles have a chance to immobilize enemies on impact


When missiles hit allies, they receive a buff that boosts their movement speed

Does extra damage to Purrth-Quakes

Takes additional damage from Pyro-Prancers


Earth. Tank.

High health. High melee damage. Slow movement speed. The Purrth-Quake is an Earth Elementalist with the ability to protect allies and weaken enemy defenses!


Missiles weaken enemy defenses, making them vulnerable for a short time


When missiles hit allies they boost their defenses for a short time

Does extra damage to Hydro-Dancers

Takes additional damage from Furricanes


Water. Support.

Fast as a river and tougher than the current. The Hydro-Dancer is a water elementalist that provides healing over time buffs and slows enemies. What they lack in raw damage they make up for in team support!


Missiles slow enemy movement for a short time


When missiles hit allies they heal them a large amount over a moderate period of time

Does extra damage to Pyro-Prancers

Takes additional damage from Purrth-Quakes


Light. Support.

Wields holy light to heal their allies and prevent enemies from casting buffs and debuffs. Fast, but with limited damage ability, these wizards support their more deadly allies from behind.


Missiles prevent enemies from casting buffs and debuffs for a short time

Holy Healing

When missiles hit allies they heal them a moderate amount over a short period of time

Does extra damage to Necropouncers

Takes additional damage from Necropouncers


Death. Tank.

Necropouncers stay alive by taking lives. Every time they damage an enemy they heal themselves a bit, giving them high survivability despite their modest health pool. Their deadly "blood pact" buff means their enemies want to take them down as quickly as possible, drawing fire upon themselves and shielding their allies.


Missiles leech blood from enemies, healing the caster


When missiles hit allies they apply a "Bloodpact." If an ally dies with "Bloodpact," their killer is damaged.

Does extra damage to Pawadins

Takes additional damage from Pawadins


Void. Disruption.

With the power to shield allies from receiving debuffs and block enemies from receiving buffs, the Voidstalker can interupt stalemates by disabling healers and other support.

Buff Blocker

Missiles temporarily prevent enemies from being buffed. All buffs are removed on application

Debuff Shield

When missiles hit allies they are temporarily shielded from debuffs. Debuffs are removed on application


Create The Ultimate Wizard Cat

Customize your wizard cat with hats, wands, tanks, fur patterns, body shapes and meows! Collect cat coins as you defeat enemies and spend them on new items.

Every time you defeat an enemy your wizard cat will meow, announcing their victory to the arena!


A World Of Wizard Cats

Explore an original fantasy world ruled by cats. Fight for control of castles built from cardboard boxes. Battle through lush forests, mushroom jungles, and rocky deserts.

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